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VIC: Mind/Body Relaxation - Long Weekend Retreat

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Date: 08-Mar-2019

Mind/Body Relaxation Approach to Emotion & Stress – long weekend retreat with Swami Atmamuktananda.

Cultivating the capacity to self-observe at these difficult (or enjoyable) emotional intensities does not come easily, which is why we need to begin simply. Daily practices of restorative yoga postures, breathing techniques and yoga nidra restores a sense of inner harmony, unloads the burdens and distractions of the mind/emotions and reconnects us to the more subtle layers of ourselves.

Date: 08 - 11 March
Venue: Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, near Daylesford
E: yogarock@yogavic.com
T: 03 5345 7434
W: www.yogavic.org.au