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ACT: Yoga Day - Stillness and Sadhana with Sw Vimalratna

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Date: 19-May-2019

Yoga Day - Stillness and Sadhana: developing resilience and daily practice. 6 Satyananda PD pts.

Swami Vimalratna will lead a workshop exploring stillness as essential to personal practice, on the mat, and in daily life. The day will be filled with fresh approaches to practice and topics such as pratyahara (sense withdrawal).
This will take place in a practical engaging way, working with body, breath, mind and approach to life.
This workshop will suit practitioners who are seeking to develop yoga as part of their daily life and deepen their practice.
Yoga teachers will gather strategies and insights to support their role as instructors.
Date: Sunday 19 May 9.30am - 4.30pm
Venue: Anandajyoti’s studio, 19 Ferdinand Street, Campbell. ACT
E: info@sharingandlearningyoga.com
T: 02 6247 0002 or 0466278146
W: https://sharingandlearningyoga.com/workshops-and-professional-development/