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Date: 11-Apr-2019

Dimensions of Yoga: Raja Yoga Sadhana with Swamis Vimalratna, Atmamuktananda, & Ahimsadhara.

This module of the Dimensions of Yoga explores Raja Yoga, with an emphasis on Pratyahara and developing self understanding. There will be a comprehensive and experiential exploration of Raja Yoga concepts and practices, grounded in tradition, focused on practical approaches for everyday life. An entry point to the qualification Yoga Instructor in the Satyananda Tradition.

Dates: Residential 11- 18 April, Home practice and study 19 April - 27 June, Concluding residential weekend 28 - 30 June.
Venue: Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, near Daylesford

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T: 0466278146
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The classic text on Raja Yoga by Patanjali, the Yoga Sutras, is often thought of in terms of meditation and the inner journey. First steps on this journey quickly reveal that, in order to proceed, everything aspect of life and yoga practice needs to be looked at together, whether it is yoga practice, managing one’s thoughts, one’s daily routine, or one’s interactions with others. Only then is consistent progress possible.

The Yoga Sutras contain many concise jewels, useful tools and strategies, for understanding and managing the patterns of the mind, including skills for self reflection and developing sustained regular practice. Patanjali helps us develop understanding of the nature of the obstacles we place in our own path and provides powerful techniques for overcoming them.

This module explores the experience of developing sadhana, through the prism of this classic text, in the light of the Satyananda tradition of yoga. This is done with the understanding that yoga is about taking responsibility for one’s own life, developing self-understanding and a positive approach to living. When these skills are developed, any goal is possible.

This module is a foundation part of the course Yoga Instructor in the Satyananda Tradition. For existing Yoga Teachers, as a standalone module, it provides comprehensive exploration of Raja Yoga which will help with instructing students in meditation, insight into developing Pratyahara, the fundamental Satyananda practices, and strategies for integrating yoga into daily life.