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NZ: Yoga Day - Exploring the Elements with Pragyadhara

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Date: 23-Mar-2019

Yoga Ecology - Awakening to your subtle self through the elements - Tattwas

Discover, explore and awaken to your elemental self. Gain greater knowledge in this practice immersion of both the gross and subtle tattwas – elements. The Tattwas are responsible for how we feel and think. If the tattwas are pure and healthy we experience vitality, clear thinking and make good decisions.

Explore from a yogic view and embody practices. Deepen your understanding of the natural forces behind our daily experiences and evolution. Enjoy a range of powerful tools (asana, pranayama, mudras and bandhas, yoga nidra and meditation) that can be added to your practice and applied in daily life.

Date: 8.30am to 9pm 23rd March

Venue: Lotus Venue at Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre, 14 Mills Lane, Albany, Auckland

E: pureyoganz@gmail.com