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Date: 02-Sep-2019

Yoga & Your Chakras with Swami Karma Karuna.

Explore your health, relationships, energy states, mind and emotions in this transformational retreat delving into your energy centres. Embark on a journey through the chakras, the subtle energy centres within your body, which influence every aspect of your life from your daily experiences to the spiritual realm. They are a framework to understand your physical health and challenges, energy levels, mental well-being, emotional states and more subtle layers of existence.

Date: Monday 2 September, 2019 – Sunday 8 September, 2019
Venue: Anahata Yoga Retreat
E: yoga@anahata-retreat.org.nz
T: +64 (0)3 525 9897
W: https://www.anahata-retreat.org.nz/