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Date: 17-Jan-2020

The Science of Yoga & Meditation- Brain Science with Dr Maarten Immink.

This workshops effectively summarises decades of scientific research in understanding
which brain regions are engaged during meditation and in turn how meditation develops
specific brain regions and function. Attendees will develop a working understanding of
the brain in meditation and gain an appreciation for how long-term meditation practice
changes the health and function of the brain.
Start time: 1pm Friday 17th January to  4pm Sunday 19th January
Date: 17th -19th January 2020
Venue: Anahata Yoga Retreat
E: yoga@anahata-retreat.org.nz
T: +64 (0)3 525 9897
W: https://www.anahata-retreat.org.nz/event/the-science-of-yoga-meditation2020-01