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VIC: Dimensions of Raja Yoga

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Date: 12-Jan-2020

Dimensions of Yoga: Raja Yoga Module with Swamis Vimalratna and Ahimsadhara

The Dimensions of yoga are three month personal sadhana modules that each investigate in depth a branch of yoga.

There are two modules, one on Hatha Yoga, one on Raja Yoga which may be taken in either order.

These may be followed by a third longer Yoga Instructor Module.

The January intake leads directly into the Hatha yoga module in May and the Instructor module in September.

Together the three modules form the Yoga Instructor in the Satyananda Tradition Qualification

Professional development points for SYTA members

Date: 12th Jan to 19th Jan followed by three months home practice and study.

Venue: Rocklyn Yoga Ashram

E: sadhana@sharingandlearningyoga.com

T: 0466278146

W: sharingandlearningyoga.com