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About SYTA

Inspiring Tradition, Inspiring Connection, Inspiring Community

Satyananda Yoga Teachers' Association was formed in 1996, following the inspirational World Yoga Convention held in Sydney, NSW. This convention provided a unique opportunity for Satyananda teachers from all around Australia to get together to form an independent professional association, whose primary aim was to support Satyananda teachers in their local communities.

One of the first projects SYTA worked on was the development of the SYTA Code of Ethics and SYTA Code of Practice. These codes outline standards of professional conduct and inform and guide teachers in the ethical and legal responsibilities associated with yoga teaching. Both these codes continue to evolve to reflect current standards in both Australia and New Zealand.

During the 1990’s SYTA worked together with the Satyananda Yoga Academy to formalise yoga teacher training and accreditation in Australia. These courses later evolved into the Yogic Studies courses and the highly regarded Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Teaching.

Since its inception, SYTA has remained at the forefront of delivering quality professional development opportunities and holding many teacher in-service programs, including tours by renowned international senior teachers. In 2008, SYTA organised a highly successful Yoga Teachers Conference in NSW whereby over 300 yoga teachers attended this inspiring event.

SYTA also sponsored the development of the Yoga and Addictions program run through TAFE NSW, and now there is an online course, available for members to upgrade their skills in this highly relevant area.

Today SYTA supports member teachers within each State of Australia as well as New Zealand and remains focused on strengthening the integrity of the sangha and supporting the evolution of the highly practical Satyananda system of yoga.

The SYTA Constitution was reviewed and updated in 2017 to reflect SYTA’s current vision and mission. We also welcomed our New Zealand teachers both as full members and as members of the Management Committee.

SYTA continues to evolve with the input of its many active members, who work to support each other as colleagues, teachers and friends. The Satyananda system of yoga is a great gift to society and SYTA is committed to supporting all Satyananda member teachers to share these teachings with their communities.