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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Satyananda Yoga Teachers' Association (SYTA) is a professional association which supports its members to teach yoga in the Satyananda system of yoga, maintaining high professional and ethical standards. We acknowledge and respect the depth of yoga that comes to us through the Satyananda teachings and are open to the dynamic evolution of this system.

SYTA aims to:
  • Support its members to teach and exemplify the teachings of the Satyananda system of yoga throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • Maintain the integrity of the teachings of the Satyananda tradition of yoga.
  • Encourage the ethical and professional conduct of yoga teachers by promoting the high standards of the SYTA Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Practice.
  • Support teachers trained in the Satyananda system of yoga to communicate, exchange ideas and find inspiration through the networking of teachers, including networking with overseas Satyananda entities.
  • Provide professional development opportunities to improve the depth and quality of yoga teaching in the Satyananda system.
  • Provide access to appropriate professional and public liability insurance.

Vision Statement

To develop SYTA as a beacon for Satyananda trained yoga teachers within Australia and New Zealand. We aim to share knowledge and experience regarding the teachings of the Satyananda system of yoga and to deepen our members’ understanding of yoga, whilst keeping members up to date with the relevant professional requirements of teaching in today’s world. We aim to cultivate, share and positively promote the Satyananda system of yoga within the Australian and New Zealand communities through the network of our members.