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Meet the Management Committee

2020/2021 SYTA Management Committee


President  Chintamani (Gail Tanner)
Vice President Shubhatma Saraswati (Heather Buttars)
Secretary Shubhatma Saraswati (Heather Buttars)
Treasurer Saraswati (Jenna Currie)
Ordinary Members

Sakshi (Sue Winning)
Dayasagar Saraswati
Atmajyoti (Beverley Frensham)

Public Officer* Atmaratna Saraswati (Christine Foley)
Ethics Committee** Kailash Saraswati and Utama Jones

* Please note the Public Officer position is determined at a SYTA AGM and this role is not a member of the Management Committee.
** The Ethics Committee are an independent Committee appointed by the Management Committee as per Clause 13(f) of SYTA's Constitution.