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Yoga Instructor Training

New Courses for continuity in the Satyananda tradition

The new Dimensions of Yoga and Yoga Instructor modules mark a watershed moment in training in the Satyananda tradition. For Australia it is both a new beginning and a continuation of essential knowledge about yoga that may otherwise be difficult to access for the community. These courses are not just about learning techniques and practices to do on the yoga mat, though these are included, they take place in the context of developing sadhana and yoga lifestyle. These courses provide scaffolding and skills for practitioners to develop and apply to life’s challenges. They support the development of greater understanding of the clear pathways yoga provides to personal transformation. In other words, what are practices for if not to support becoming a better, resilient, less self-centred human being, creative and capable in all spheres of life.

The three modules are structured so that the Raja and Hatha Yoga modules are taken in either order first, though, depending on skills and experience, potential participants may be advised to take one before the other. Each Dimensions of Yoga module includes other interconnected branches of yoga through the prism of the branch concerned (Hatha or Raja). Each twelve week Dimensions of Yoga module includes a seven day residential followed by home practice and study. Each Dimensions of Yoga module takes classic texts, such as Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, looks at them closely, and, in a highly practical way, connects them to the practices from the Satyananda tradition, and their relevance for daily living. By going deeper into a careful palette of topics, rather than a light touch on many, multiple connections are made and greater understanding develops.

The Yoga Instructor module follows on from this as a highly practical six month program which includes two seven day residentials, and periods of home practice, study and experience in instruction.

The three modules together create the new Yoga Instructor qualification. This course is now the only Yoga Teaching qualification in the Satyananda Tradition available in Australia. SYTA accepts this qualification for full membership of SYTA. The fresh approach provides an opportunity for existing teachers to renew their commitment and skills through professional development, for enthusiastic students of yoga to develop a personal sadhana through the completion of one or more modules, and for potential new instructors to gain a solid foundation in the Satyananda tradition.

More information available from: www.sharelearn.yoga