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Angela (Agni)

Angela (Agni)

Region: VIC Metro/City
Suburb: Strathmore
Phone: 0418 569 439
Website: www.angelarojas.com

I began my Spiritual Path in 1990 in Metaphysics and over the years have delved deeper into the "Subconscious Mind" through my Yoga & Meditation training and working with Dr Joe Dispenza from 2012 - 2018.

I was introduced to the Satyananda system of yoga in 2002 and have never looked back!  I love seeing students progress on all levels; mind, body and emotions.  I am also a healer & coach, empowering clients and students in finding their beliefs that are affecting their success and assisting them in making beneficial shifts in their lives. I continue to work on myself to integrate my learning's to teach and assist others. I have also studied a number of Philosophy's and cultures to better understand their belief systems and continue my studies through reading, additional course work and participating in seminars with renowned Authors of this field.

I specialise in one-on-one sessions, assisting you to transform from Limitation to Creation to facilitate shifts in your career, business, personal development and/or health issues. 

I teach corporate and group yoga if you have a space ready, I am happy to come out to you.

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