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Region: SA Metro/City
Suburb: Aldinga Beach
Phone: 0419 402 582


At Lotus Yoga I have taught small classes since 2005. Lotus Yoga is a studio overlooking gardens and located between the beautiful Aldinga Beach and the Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park. The Studio has a calm and peaceful atmosphere inviting a sense of harmony and well-being from the moment one enters.

In my classes each person is encouraged to develop awareness and respect for themselves at whatever level they begin in health, strength and flexibility. Each class includes asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra chanting and relaxation; the classes are structured to allow each student to extend themselves.

My focus is on yoga as a path to health, happiness and the harmony and peace of mind that come with settling into one's true identity; the focus on a path to the wisdom to live every day at our full potential.

A deep commitment to meditation is central to my life.


I began practicing yoga in 1960; in 1982 I connected with the Satyananda system of yoga. I was immediately drawn by the power, depth and breadth of its approach.

In recent years I have myself, used intensive yoga asana and pranayama practices to regain vitality, flexibility and strength and to recover from everyday minor and significant injuries.


I spent 10 years in India in Ashrams dedicated to Meditation and Healing Arts, and then 2 in Costa Rica in a Community focused on meditation. When I returned to Australia I reconnected with the Satyananda system of yoga and soon began a formal yoga study, completing the Diploma of Teacher Training in 2007. 

Since the early 1980's I have trained intensively as a Psychosynthesis Educator and counsellor, in a variety of massage and body-work therapies and finally 8 years of intensive training in Tibetan Pulsing Healing.

I have over 30 years of experience leading groups as a body-worker and counsellor, and many years as librarian, teacher and outdoor educator.

I sense that all of this underlies and supports my knowledge of yoga and my teaching in yoga classes.


i look forward to meeting you and supporting you in your yoga journey. If you have any questions please call, text or email me and I will respond as soon as I can.


CLASSES: Wednesday 10.00am - 11.30am; 6.00pm - 7.30pm

                   Tuesday early morning: 6.00am - 7.30am

Cost: Classes Term $140, concession $110; casual $20, conc $15

                   Private classes $75, concession $50

i am open to some negotiation in exchange for classes.


Class terms follow closely those of Willunga Waldorf School.



Term 1: February 6 - April 14
Term 2: May 1 - June 30

Term 3: July 24 - September 29

Term 4: October 16 - December 14


Each term I am away for a Meditation Retreat; plenty of early notice is given.

Ensure you are booked in so that in the event of any last minute cancellations you can be contacted.

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