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Region: NSW Metro/City
Suburb: Hornsby Heights
Phone: 0459689173
Website: www.yogainhornsby.com

I dabbled with yoga in my late teens and re-connected with it in my early 20's whilst working as an Executive Assistant in London.   On moving to Sydney pregnant with my first child in 2003, I started training for a 1440 hour Satyananda Yoga diploma.  It was a style that was so richly engrained in ancient practices that supported integrated health and wellbeing of body, mind & spirit like no other that I'd come across and I was more than eager to take on the longer than average training for my own personal development as well as potentially to share with my family and others.  I graduated with my Satyanada teaching diploma in December 2013, having my 3 children (who are now gorgeous teens) along the way! I also did a Hatha yoga teaching diploma which I finished 3 years before this and started up Yoga in Hornsby in 2010.  After both my diplomas were complete and I'd been teaching for a few years, I went on to complete a AYYT recognised graduate certificate in Yoga Therapy in 2016 through the Yoga Therapy Institute (formally Enlightened Events).  I teach 10 group classes a week as well as one on one yoga therapy sessions and zoom classes.  I offer recordings of the classes so that if you are sick, you wont miss out and these are available for purchase.  I teach all ages, seniors, children/teens and have taught at retirement village, retreats, taught at the Mangrove Mountains Ashram and helped with teaching yogic studies. My private clients come for support in managing health conditions or concerns including cancer, auto-immune diseases such as Parkinsons, CFS, fatigue, stress, anxiety, anger, changing habits, insomnia, etc.  Every individual has different needs and I offer a selection of individualised pratices and techniques taking into account what is out of balance.  I am also an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach (Rama Prasad & Caroline Robinson) which I use to help with finding inbalances (eg tongue analysis helps as a diagnosis tool to help support observations etc) and it helps me recognise how different seasons and lifestyles can impact us.  I am also a qualified hypnobirthing practioner (Mindful Mamma) and I am studying Remedial Massage Therapy too.  I love anything related to health and wellbeing and enjoy diversity and learning and teaching and empowering people to live to their potential.  My classes are meditative and breath centred and I like to weave a lot of yogic philosophy & pscychology through the classes and help practitioners to bring yoga into every day life. There are beginner classes which are are gentle and progressive beginner classes (recommended for more experienced practitioners who are familiar with meditation) which offer more depth with deeper pranayama and meditative practices but both classes are staged so can be made lighter or stronger.  The beginner classes can also be enjoyed by more experienced practitioners who want a lighter physical practice as well as complete beginners.  Modifications and variations are always included and theory is included during most classes particularly where there is interest.  I love to include mudras, mantras. One of my highlights was helping with yogic studies training at Mangrove Yoga Ashram as I learnt so much from the opportunity and helping teach residential classes there.  I would like to see more people able to access yoga and realise the benefits alongside other therapies so that healthcare becomes more integrated and can be used to support people in their journey towards wellness alongside their treatment and other care. The Satyananda lineage has passed on valuable knowledge through amazing teachers and I am fortunate to be able to share this with you.  I thank all my teachers but particularly Atma Ratna who was my beautiful local teacher during my yogic studies and baby rearing years, Deva Maya who was a great source of inspiration at the Ashram for me and Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson who have both been a continued source of support and inspiration for me throughout recent years and provide scope for me to continue growing particularly through yogic philosophy/yogic psychology and dreamwork.  Come join in my beautiful little local classes and let me know what you are interested in so I can make sure to nourish that interest as best as possible during class!

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