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Rishi Diwali Saraswati

More Information on Rishi Diwali Saraswati:

Rishi Yoga Diwali is an experienced yoga teacher and has always been a spiritual seeker and an exhibiting artist. Most of the illustrations and book covers in our publications are by her. Frustrated with her early life pursuits, she took to Yoga and absorbed the teachings into the depths of her soul.
Her classes are bright and cheerful, energetic yet deep. Diwali's experience of her connection with the divine within emanates from her as she teaches. Her creative ability helps people to visualise, especially those who find visualisation difficult. She also has a deep understanding of others and knows intuitively what people need.
She is admired by the many students who follow her teachings, years after she has moved on.

Workshop / Retreat Topics Offered:

Yantra creation and absorption into same, Breath with brush and paint, Art and Yoga, Meditations, Pranayamas, Antar Mouna, Ajapajapa, Awakening the Granthis, Tattwa Shuddhi, Havans, Bhakti Yoga, OM chanting, and growing old gracefully.