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Swami Karma Karuna Saraswati

Swami Karma Karuna is an engaging, intuitive yoga and meditation teacher, international speaker and writer with more than 25 years of training and experience primarily in the Satyananda system of yoga. A Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communications with a minor in Psychology determined an interest in working with groups and individuals early in life. She specialises in a range or areas such as Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Prana, Chakras, Yoga Psychology and Women's Health. Yearly visits to India to practice selfess service, guide sadhana courses and learn from her spiritual guides, Swami Niranjanananda and Swami Satyasangananda, give her food for thought and the push to keep growing!

Also a founding member and director of Anahata Yoga Health and Education Trust, New Zealand, Swami Karma Karuna is passionate about sharing a yogic lifestyle with aspirants from around the world. Her wide range of teaching spans varying settings, cultures and social areas. It includes yoga teacher trainings, international yoga conferences and events, spiritual sadhana retreats and working one to one addressing individual needs. The long held dream of developing and leading Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga Instructors Professional Development Trainings has also now been manifested and is part of Swami Karma Karuna’s focus in continuing education for yoga teacher’’s and health professionals.

Several guided practice CDs and MP3 tracks including Hatha Yoga classes, Yoga Nidra and Meditation techniques are available through Anahata Yoga Retreat web-site and articles on a variety of subjects can be read in the Australian Yoga Life Magazine.

Swami Karma Karuna Topic List 2018

Workshops ideally combine practice and theory. It can be a more in depth look at one technique, such as a specific meditation practise or an integral day focused on a theme. Most of the below topics could be half day, day or weekend workshops.
The name or the exact practices can change depending on which audience you want to reach. Below are some examples, however, If you have a specific topic that your group would be interested to know more about, let us know.
Also any of the workshops can also be supported with:
… Havan (ancient vedic fire ceremony)
… Satsang
… Private Sessions

Yoga for Women

Yoga and Women’s Health
From fertility to positive body image, yoga and meditation tools can bring so many amazing benefits to a woman’s health and well-being. Males and females are built differently and also carry distinctive emotional and mental imprints, therefore it's important to be able to tailor yoga to each gender. Delve into the theory and practices designed for women to balance and optimise the physical, mental and emotional aspects of their unique bodies at different stages of life. Learn self-nurturing and energising techniques, explore a women’s natural cycles and gain ability to apply this inspiration to your own life.
In this workshop, we look at some yogic management techniques related to health and wellbeing issues for women including areas such as menopause, menstrual irregularities, blocked emotion and other angles depending on students in the class.
- Asanas (postures for the female anatomy and emotions)
- Bandhas (pelvic floor and core exercises)
- Mudras (gestures to conserve and raise energy)
- Pranayama (breath techniques to balance and calm the mind)
- Meditation (tools for coping during life’s challenges)

Yoga and Sacred Feminine
Explore the archetypes of the Goddess in her different forms, Durga the transformative force, Laxmi the abudant quality, Saraswati the emobdiement of wisdom and other forms that connect one to their own innate qualities.. Join a supportive circle of women to connect with the Goddess within. Use yoga, pranayama, meditation, mantra and yantra to expand and liberate the potential Shakti (inner force).

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga Immersion
The word Hatha comes from the Sanskrit “ha” (sun) and “tha” (moon). The basic principle being to unite the opposite forces – the positive and the negative, the sun and the moon – in order to promote balance in the body and mind.
We will explore the modern approach to Hatha Yoga while also being exposed to the historical elements of Hatha Yoga through the theory and guided practice of cleansing techniques (Shatkarmas). These practices restore your physical system and lighten the body and mind, leaving you feeling revitalized with a set of practices to take away and integrate into your daily life.

Nourish Your Self
Ever feel like you are JUST getting through each day? Never quite enough time to do everything AND feel truly alive? Feeling exhausted or constantly wired or over-stimulated?
Nourish your self with a practical yoga class designed to enhance the relaxation response. This is an important key to healthy organs, optimal endocrine system, balanced weight, mental and emotional clarity and equanimity.
Experience spaciousness and simplicity in action. Explore conscious breath and receive inspirational takeaways for daily life.


Exploring the Mind through Yoga / Developing the Witness
Become an observer of the mind and the “antics” of mind rather than getting all tangled up in its web, so that you can discover the gifts of life that lay in your inner depth. Learn the practice of inner silence, a yogic meditation rooted in the Tantric traditions.

Dharana-The Art of Concentration
For most people, the human mind is operating at a minimal level and only shining a small light bulb. However, the human mind has the capacity to be one pointed and have the power of a laser beam. Learn techniques to develop a concentrated mind and take yoga practice deeper. Static postures, breath retention, trataka, and stimulation of third eye centre.

Stillness-The Gate to Inner Experience
In the restless river, one cannot see their true reflection, but in a still lake, the true self shines clearly. A deeper purpose of yoga is to gradually bring the practitioner to stillness. Includes static postures, balancing breath, Kaya Sthariam (Body Stillness Meditation) and Mudras to develop a still body and mind.

The Science of Yantra and Mantra
Explore Mantra or sound vibration and Yantra the corresponding geometrical forms to access and manage the different layers of the mind. These ancient therapeutic tools increase concentration, expand awareness, release old patterns, enhance relaxation and unleash creativity.

In the first steps to meditation we link the mind to the physical body and breath and then to Mantra and Yantra. According to Tantra the practice of meditation through Mantras and Yantras is intended to reach the nucleus of the self, bringing the practitioner into the experience of expansion and liberation.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra and Therapeutic Applications
Yoga Nidra is a simple but powerful technique that has a profound and deeply relaxing effect on the human system. It is scientifically proven to be a preventative and curative tool to counteract psychosomatic diseases, and if practiced regularly, Yoga Nidra, serves as a means for exploring the deeper mind and unlocking our spiritual potential. Learn about the different stages of Yoga Nidra and the therapeutic applications of this powerful practice.

Yoga Nidra and Creating Your Positive Resolution
Focus your mind and manifest your life with the use of Sankalpa, translated as ‘every possibility in existence”. Learn how to form your positive statement of intent, understand the power of sankalpa, when to use it and plant it in your deeper mind during the deep relaxation practice of Yoga Nidra. Unravel at the cellular level and tap into your positive potential.

Unrooting Impressions: The Science of Yoga Nidra
The mind is the most perfect super computer and it has an inbox where it stores all the information received through the senses. The Inbox is overloaded with all kinds of impressions. The science of Yoga Nidra is a systematic, deep relaxation which allows the practitioner to unravel at the cellular level and release tension and impressions stored in the layers of the body and mind. Yoga Nidra has a deep impact on the mind, and thus is being used successfully in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases.

Yoga Nidra and the Relaxation Response
Explore the practice of Yoga Nidra, a simple but powerful technique that has a profound and deeply relaxing effect on the human system.
Learn more about the adrenal glands, influenced during states of stress, and how to nourish them. Discover the importance of the relaxation response and the positive influence on the body systems.
Understand the process of pratyahara, or withdrawing from the sense input, why it is important and how each stage of Yoga Nidra systematically deepens this experience, serving as a means for the relaxation response, exploration of the mind and ultimately the ability to unlock unconcious material and unleash more inner potential.
Developing studies indicate that Yoga Nidra can be a preventative and curative tool to counteract many challenges and health issues related to modern life. Delve into each stage; the how’s, why’s and when’s to use it as well as the science behind the practice.
The day with be woven with theory, discussions and pracitce including Yoga Nidra and a nurturing Restorative Yoga class.

Breath, Prana and Pranayama

The Power of the Breath
The Yogis say that the “quality of your breath reflect the quality of your life”.
A fast breath equals a stressed mind, unfocused emotions and a sick body.
A slow, deep breath equals a calm, balanced and focused mind, health & well-being.
Learn the science behind the breath and its connection to our physical, mental and energetic experiences. Take away practical techniques to calm the mind, heal the body and energise the whole system.

Mind Body Integration Through Breath
The breath is the bridge between the body and mind. It is unconscious, yet can be consciously influenced. The breath directly effects the physiological and mental states of being. Learn how to influence and balance the body and mind, through ancient yogic breathing practices.

Prana and Pranayama - Awakening Pranamaya Kosha
In yoga, the koshas refer to subtle dimensions of being that can be used for personal evolvement. Pranamaya Kosha is the energetic field that exists within the physical body and awakens the vital energy within, invoking the feeling of aliveness. Learn about the different pranas that pervade the body, how they function and how we can improve them for better health. Includes the practice of Prana Nidra.

Prana and Mudra. Increasing, conserving and directing vital energy
Mudras are expressions of particular states of consciousness and energy. Prana directly influences the mental and emotional states, health and well being. With the use of mudras, the practitioner can consciously awaken, balance and redirect prana to influence the physical and subtle aspects of the body and mind.

Energy in Motion - Transforming Emotions
Learn how to manage and direct the mind and emotions, reduce stress, and bring balance to your life with yogic practices for expression, relaxation practices and meditation to reach the roots of emotions.

Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle

Head (Gyana), Heart (Bhakti) and Hands (Karma)
“Man is a composition of head, heart and hands, so he must have synthesis of all three yogas initially.” Swami Niranjanananda
Demystify these timeless branches of yoga. Receive tools to develop self-acceptance and identify unconscious mental patterns. Experience a holistic approach to integrate your personality (Head, Heart and Hands) and inspire your daily life. Including asana, techniques to direct the emotions, exploration of basic yoga philosophy and practical applications. Discover methods of mind management through SWAN (Strengths, Weakness, Ambitions and Needs) analysis and experience purification through meditation in action.

The Joy of Being
"There is no peace in the Himalayas and no noise in the city, both are within you." Swami Satyananda
Joy is an inner quality accessible to all. A positive mind is the source of health, abundance and peace. Inspiration and pratices to inspire the development of presence and inner joy.
The attitude of the ‘witness” is rooted in the Tantric tradition and allows the practitioner to use all experiences of life to release negativity whilst simultaneously awakening expansive qualities of inner freedom. As the mind becomes lighter, positivity and joy emerge naturally.

Creating Change
Reflect on where you currently stand in life and plant a seed for new experiences and a higher quality of life.
With the help of practical tools such as the Sankalpa (a short positive affirmation), deep relaxation, and the SWAN tool (exploring Strengths, Weaknesses, Aims and Needs), set resolutions into motion utilising these powerful yogic techniques to create positive change within all areas of your life.

Chakras and Pancha Koshas

Pancha Koshas-Five Bodies
According to the Yogis, the human structure goes far beyond the physical body. Understand the different layers of the human being according the yogic science. Physical, energy, mental, intuitive, and bliss bodies explored through postures, breath, simple kriyas, bandhas, and meditation.

Evolving Through the Chakras
Needs, pleasure, power, love, creativity, wisdom, inspiration, awakened brain.....a journey through the chakras to understand how these energies create our daily experiences, condition of health, and our mental perceptions. Explore yogic techniques to become aware of, transform and refine the subtle energy centres.

Evolving Through the Chakras (description 2)
In order to evolve the human personality, relationships, and daily experiences the chakras need to be purified, opened, and awakened. Learn about the chakras and experience different yogic techniques to stimulate and cleanse the energy centers. Includes asana, pranayama, mudras and meditation with chakra focus.

Igniting Your Inner Fire
Honour the external and internal sun and ignite your inner fire!
In this workshop we will be working with manipura chakra, the storehouse of prana & personal power, overcoming imbalances of depressive or anxious energy and increasing awareness of prana. We awaken our inner light and revitalise with Salute to the Sun (with mantras), Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha and Meditation related to manipura chakra.

Awaken Anahata Chakra-The Heart Centre
Enjoy theory and practices to explore the qualities of Anahata chakra, the heart energy centre; love without attachment, self-love, positive direction of emotions, compassion, powers of manifestation, your immune system, the physical heart, the breath and more. Hatha yoga, Pranayama, Mudra and Meditation to connect with, purify and awaken the heart chakra.

Explore the Third Eye- Presence, Focus and Intuition
Theory, Hatha Yoga and Meditation to access Ajna Chakra-the third eye, also called the command centre. Learn how to enhance clarity, focus, and intuition. Awaken the witness awareness.
The energy centre of Ajna chakra, once developed and purified by practices of yoga and meditation, ultimately enable us to receive inspiration and knowledge from deep within. Intuitive insights transcend all mental processes and are simply a feeling or a vision that we know is just right. These qualities help us to manifest our personal vision, move through daily life with ease and navigate the spiritual path.

Therapeutic Applications of Yoga

Yoga for the Digestive System
Ancient Yogis understood that good digestion is key to radiant health. Experience yoga techniques to strengthen and restore the digestive process. Learn yoga diet and Nutrition principles and understand the relationship between Mind, Stress and Digestion. Find balance and reclaim your vitality.

Yoga and Therapeutic Applications
Be introduced to yoga as a therapeutic tool for the health of the body & mind. Experience simple applications of yoga postures, breathing techniques and Yoga Nidra deep relaxation to enhance wellbeing at the different layers of experience.

This workshop focuses on yoga practices as preventative and health management tools with some applications for common diseases.

Emphasis can be placed on specific areas and systems such as digestion, chronic pain and stress.

Therapeutic Applications of Asana
Experience yoga postures as a means to create or change particular physical, emotional, mental or energetic states. Use asanas as preventative and curative tools of health management with simple applications for common imbalances; digestive, menstrual, stress & anxiety, depression, lungs as well as requests from the group. Understand asana groups (ie. Backward/forward bending) and their influence on the body, mind and emotions as well as explore asanas from the perspective of the chakras for different common imbalances.

When there is a depth of understanding of the practices and self understanding, we can apply them for our personal needs, in order to invite more balance and joy into our lives.

Be inspired with ideas to create your own sadhana for self-healing and/or ways to help your students.

Yoga and Lifestyle

Creating Change
Reflect on where you currently stand in life and plant a seed for new experiences and a higher quality of life.

With the help of practical tools such as the Sankalpa (a short positive affirmation), deep relaxation, and the SWAN tool (exploring Strengths, Weaknesses, Aims and Needs), set resolutions into motion utilizing these powerful yogic techniques to create positive change within all areas of your life.

Yoga and the Personality
Practical application of yoga to understand and enhance the personality through deeper yoga practices. Influence states of mind through yoga postures and simple breath techniques, explore your strengths and weakness through SWAN technique (Strengths, Weaknesses, Ambitions and Needs) and explore how your personality is influenced by the blocked or flowing energy within the chakras.

Private Yoga Consultations (one to one sessions)
Find out which practices suit your personality, body type, health challenges and energy flow. Receive a personal program. Ask questions about your spiritual path.
Swami Karma Karuna blends and applies practices according to individual needs in the treatments of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances. Yogic practices are powerful aides in the treatment of chronic fatigue, asthma and diabetes. Digestive, structural, blood pressure and heart problems can also be balanced.
(30min\ 60min\ 90min)

Further Topics:

Fire Ceremony (Havan)
This is a ceremony in which the fire or Agni is worshipped. A Havan Kund (pit) is decorated with flowers, colours, and ceremonial objects. Then with the use of special herbs, ghee, mantra, a beautiful ceremony is performed to transform and purify the environment and the people who take part in the ceremony.

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